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What Are High Court Enforcement Officers In Kent's Ashford Able To Do?

If you live in England or Wales, your creditor can use a High Court enforcement officer (HCEO) to collect the debt you're owing if they has a County Court judgment (CCJ) against you in Ashford.

High Court Enforcement Officer is a kind of bailiff or enforcement agent and they will visit your Ashford premises and if you don't agree on the certain conditions with them to pay the debt, they are authorised to take away your goods and sell them at auction in Kent.

HCEOs in Ashford can be employed by creditors if:

You owe the payments you are supposed to pay in the judgement in Ashford and you have a CCJ

You have a debt above £600

The Consumer Credit Act doesn't regulate your debt in Challock, Acton, or Bagham

If you have debts like personal loans, payday loans, overdrafts, or credit cards, you won't have to worry about HCEOs in Ashford.

But HCEO's in Kent can handle debts that are non-regulated like utility arrears, business debts, tribunal verdicts, or old occupancy debts.

If an HCEO officer visits you in Ashford, or you receive a letter informing you of their coming, give us a call for more advice immediately.

Our HCEO's in Ashford might act very quickly and it can be difficult for you to deal with this all by yourself.

Why Should A Creditor Patronize Enforcement Officials At The High Court In Ashford, Kent?

There are plenty of benefits for a creditor when rather than utilising enforcement agents of the County Court, using HCEOs in Ashford.

Immediately when the HCEO has received the debt in Bagham, Acton, or Challock, an interest of 8% may be added by the creditor.

Considering the higher charges by HCEOs in Ashford, people are put under obligation to service their debts.

Stopping HCEOs is a very difficult process in Ashford.

Since HCEOs work for private companies, their pay is depends on the total amount of money recovered in Kent.

This makes creditors in Ashford think HCEO's are more effective, and ensures quicker results.

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How An Enforcement Officer From High Court Gets Involved In Ashford, Kent?

Next, the creditor in Ashford applies for a writ of control that advises the HCEO to verify the property and receive payments for your products.

Before any call or visit from the HCEO in Ashford, you will be informed via a notice of enforcement letter.

They must give you a minimum of seven days' notice before their first visit in Acton, Bagham, or Challock.

Normally, the HCEOs ask you to pay the debt in full when they come to visit your home in Ashford.

If you cannot pay, they will seize goods to control in Ashford until you have paid the debts wholly.

If you own your business in Ashford, they may also come to your business place.

The goods that are taken control of would be listed and later sold off if the debtor doesn't pay up.

The HCEO would only remove or leave some goods, which are the same as other types of enforcement agents in Kent.

Generally, Ashford HCEOs will allow you keep the goods and make the payment of the debt in instalments.

The moment you miss an instalment, they will return, confiscate goods and sell them in Ashford.

It's commonly known as the controlled goods agreement.

In some occasions they confiscate take the goods right away in Ashford, specifically if they come across a bulky item such as a vehicle which when sold can clear the debt once and for all, or if they anticipate you might hide or sell the controlled goods before paying off the debt and your vehicles can also be clamped to hinder you from driving them.

Can An Enforcement Officer Of The High Court Get Into My House In Ashford, Kent?

When the HCEOs visit initially, they cannot enter your premises in Ashford forcefully, but they will look for goods.

This implies that they cannot push past you, stop you from closing the door or climb in through a window or skylight to enter in Acton, Challock, or Bagham.

Yet, in case they have been around your house in Ashford before, and identified the items within a controlled agreement, they may apply force to enter if you fail to pay.

There are different rules at commercial premises in Ashford.

If you operate your own business, the HCEO can forcefully enter into the business premises in Ashford if you refuse to let them in.

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What Must I Do In Case A Court Enforcement Agent Calls Me In Kent's Ashford?

You should be willing to pay the full amount of the debt before the HCEO meets the property in Ashford again and this will reduce the expense.

You may want to make an offer to pay off the debts in instalments and this is feasible if you cannot pay all at once.

You need to send your payment offer to the HCEO in Ashford and directly to the creditor in written form.

Include with it a copy of your expenditure.

Start following the plan and making payments even if you don't hear from the HCEO in Challock, Acton, or Bagham.

You may need to consider increasing your offer of payment if they refuse it, especially if the HCEO has visited in Ashford and taken control of your goods.

What Are The Fees Charged In Ashford In Kent By High Court Enforcement Officers?

All enforcement agents in Ashford will charge you an extra fee on top of your debt but HCEOS charge higher than any of them.

These costs are fixed by law in Kent.

For Instance if you are owed £1,000, then you don't settle the debt, the HCEO in Ashford takes away your goods, the total fees you will have to pay make a total of approximately £1,285.

The moment the enforcement notice letter is served in Ashford, £75 is added.

If the debt is over £1,000; 7.5% of the debt, and another £190 is added after the HCEO visits for the first time in Ashford.

You would be paying an additional £495 if you didn't make any arrangements to pay off your debts or you miss a payment.

£525 +7.5% of the debt value over £1,000 is added if the HCEO comes for the second time in Ashford to take away your goods.

Additional auction and storage costs are incurred on your goods when they are removed and sold in Bagham, Acton, or Challock.

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Is It Possible To Prevent High Court Enforcement Officers In Kent's Ashford?

You can apply to the Ashford court to stop the HCEOs if you can't come to an agreement to pay off the debt in instalments via a 'stay of execution'.

It is more difficult rather than stopping County Court enforcement agents who would be used to collect a County Court Judgement (CCJ) and the court may also not agree to the Stay of Execution in Ashford.