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What Is The Duty Of High Court Enforcement Officers In Greater London's Bexley?

In case you reside in Wales or England and a CCJ (County Court Judgment) has been filed against you in Bexley by your creditor, in certain instances, they may retrieve the debt using an enforcement officer from High Court (HCEO).

The HCEO is a kind of enforcement bailiff or agent and they usually visit the Bexley premises of a debtor and will try to make an agreement on how the debt will be paid and they can confiscate your goods and sell at auction in Greater London.

HCEOs in Bexley can be employed by creditors if:

You owe the payments you are supposed to pay in the judgement in Bexley and you have a CCJ

You are owing more than £600

Your debt in Bexley, Belvedere, or Barnehurst is not supervised by the Consumer Credit Act

It means that Bexley HCEOs do not have the jurisdiction to enforce debts such as personal loans, payday loans, overdrafts or credit cards.

HCEOs in Greater London can only control non-regulated debts, like utility arrears, business, tribunal awards or old rent arrears.

You should immediately get in touch with us if you've received a letter saying that the HCEO officer is coming to visit you in Bexley.

Our HCEOs in Bexley are quick to work and this can be complicated for you to handle.

Why Does A Creditor Use Enforcement Officers Of The High Court In Bexley, Greater London?

Instead of using County Court enforcement agents, there are numerous benefits for creditors who use HCEOs in Bexley.

The creditor in Barnehurst, Bexley, or Belvedere can add an 8% interest on the debt once the HCEO passes the debt.

Fees charged by HCEOs are higher in Bexley and this puts debtors under more pressure to make payments.

In Bexley, it is difficult to stop HCEOs from acting.

Since HCEOs work for private companies, their pay is depends on the total amount of money recovered in Greater London.

Most Bexley creditors believe the HCEOs are quicker and more hardworking because of the aforementioned statement.

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How Does A Hceo Get Involved In Bexley In Greater London?

First an application for a writ of control is submitted by a creditor in Bexley, with this, the HCEO can visit your property and collect payment or even your goods.

A notice of enforcement letter from the HCEO will be sent to you telling you that they're going to visit in Bexley.

This is a seven day warning sent before their first visit to Bexley, Barnehurst, or Belvedere.

When they visit in Bexley, the HCEO would first demand payment for the debt owed.

They will take control of the valuable items in your home in Bexley if you couldn't pay the debt in full.

The HCEO may also call at the debtors' business premises in Bexley if they are self-employed.

The meaning of taking control is that an officer will make a list of items which will be removed and then sold if you do not clear the debt.

The goods which they are allowed to take are the same as other enforcement agents in Greater London.

Usually the HCEO in Bexley will let you pay the debt off in instalments and keep the goods.

But if you miss out to pay the instalment, they might visit again and take goods in their list to sell in Bexley and pay-off your instalment.

This call-of-action is known as the controlled goods agreement.

The HCEO can also take the goods immediately in Bexley if they are large items, such as cars that can be sold immediately and used to pay off the debt, as well, they can have your vehicle clamped to ensure you can't drive it, and it is also possible that the HCEO can take the goods straight away if they believe they might remove and sell them before paying off the debt.

Could The Officer From The High Court Enforcement Agency Enter My House In Bexley, Greater London Without My Permission?

The HCEO will never break your house in Bexley and look for the goods on their first visit, but they can try to collect the goods.

This means that HCEOs cannot barge, put a foot in the door to avoid you closing it or even open a window and climb inside in Bexley, Belvedere, or Barnehurst.

But remember, in case you don't pay the debt, HCEOs can use force to come in, if they had already visited your Bexley property before and listed your goods in the controlled goods agreement.

The rules vary at commercial premises in Bexley.

Here, the HCEOs can forcefully break into your business premises in Bexley if you don't let them in.

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What Are The Steps To Take If An Enforcement Officer Of High Court Reaches Out To Me In Bexley In Greater London?

If you are able to fully settle the debt before a court enforcement agent visits your Bexley premises, you are advised to do so as it will minimise the expenses.

If you are not able to pay the debt in full all at once, try to make a deal where you can pay it in instalments.

Write your offer of payment and send it directly to the creditor or the HCEO in Bexley.

Include with it a copy of your expenditure.

If you do not hear back from the HCEO in Belvedere, Barnehurst, or Bexley, you should begin paying instalments regardless.

If a HCEO does not accept your offer you should consider increasing your offer, especially if the HCEO has visited in Bexley and taken control of your goods.

What Do Court Enforcement Agents Charge In Greater London's Bexley?

Enforcement fees is added to the debt by every enforcement agent in Bexley but HCEOs have the higher fees scales.

The costs are established in law in Greater London.

For example, if you owe £1,000 and you refused to pay and allowed the Bexley HCEOs to take control of your goods, you would pay at least an additional £1,285.

The notice of enforcement letter being sent in Bexley will come with a £75 fee.

When you are visited in Bexley by the HCEO, £190 +7.5% of the debt value of over £1,000 is also added.

£495 included if you fail to arrange to pay, or if you made a plan to pay but default.

£ 525 + 7.5% of the loans above £1 000 will be added when the HCEO arrives again in Bexley to drive the items away.

Other auction and storage expenses are added to items when being taken and then sold in Belvedere, Bexley, or Barnehurst.

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How Can I Halt High Court Enforcement Officers In Greater London's Bexley?

In case you cannot make a deal to pay the debt off in instalments, you may be able to apply to the Bexley court to stop the HCEO's with a 'stay of execution'.

This is harder than baring the County Court Enforcement agents that are usually used for a CCJ collection and the court could fail to agree to the stay of execution in Bexley.