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What High Court Enforcement Officers In Cheshire's Chester Can Do ?

If you are situated in Wales or England, your creditor can use a High Court enforcement officer to take the debt you owe, if they have a County Court judgement opposing you in Chester.

The HCEO is an enforcement agent or bailiff of a kind and they will visit your property in Chester and they will be able to remove goods for sale at auction in Cheshire if you do not make an agreement to pay the debt.

The HCEOs in Chester can be used by the creditor if:

You have a CCJ in Chester and you have not paid the debts the court notified you to in the judgment

You have the debt equal to or more than £600

Your debt in Heswall, Chester, or Shotton is not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act

It implies that HCEOs in Chester cannot enforce specific debts, including payday loans, credit cards, or personal loans.

HCEO's in Cheshire only have power over loans like business debts, old rents, and utility arrears, tribunal awards and others that are not regulated.

In case you have had a visit from a High Court Enforcement Officer, or a note informing that they are going to visit your Chester property, get in touch with us for help.

Our HCEO in Chester will typically act quickly and can be hard to deal with alone.

Why Would A Creditor Hire High Court Enforcement Officers In Chester In Cheshire?

As compared to enforcement representatives from a County Court, using HCEOs in Chester is more advantageous to creditors.

The creditor in Chester, Shotton, or Heswall may pay an additional 8% interest the moment the debt is transferred to HCEOs.

People tend to be under more pressure to settle the debt since HCEO fees are high in Chester.

It is very difficult in Chester to stop HCEOs.

HCEOs work in a private firm and are paid according to the percentage they receive in Cheshire.

Many creditors in Chester think HCEOs are quicker and more efficient because of this.

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How You Can Involve High Court Enforcement Officer In Cheshire's Chester?

Firstly, the creditor in Chester needs to request for a writ of control which requires the HCEO to go around your residence and obtain the payment or take your goods.

HCEO's send an enforcement notice informing you about their visit in Chester.

The notice would be issued by HCEOs 7 days prior to the visit in Shotton, Chester, or Heswall.

After the HCEO visits your house in Chester, they will ask you to settle the debt in full.

In case you are unable to pay the debt in Chester, they will seize some goods until you pay the debt in full.

The HCEO may also call at the debtors' business premises in Chester if they are self-employed.

The goods that are taken control of would be listed and later sold off if the debtor doesn't pay up.

The items they may or not seize are similar to those of other kinds of enforcement officers in Cheshire.

Typically, you may be allowed by the Chester HCEO to keep the goods and clear the debts in instalments.

In case you don't pay any instalment, they will return and take out the goods to sell them in Chester.

This is known as controlled goods agreement.

In some cases HCEOs will remove the goods straight away in Chester to recover the debt by auctioning them especially if they find a large item like car through which, entire debt can be recovered immediately, or if they think you might remove or sell the controlled goods before the payment of your debt and they are also authorised to seize your vehicle to prohibit you from using it.

Does A High Court Enforcement Officer Have The Right To Break Into My Property In Chester, Cheshire?

HCEOs may try to go in the Chester home and locate products, but on the first encounter, they can not push themselves.

Therefore, they have no right to climb through a skylight or window, push past you or prevent you from closing the door in Heswall, Shotton, or Chester.

But remember, in case you don't pay the debt, HCEOs can use force to come in, if they had already visited your Chester property before and listed your goods in the controlled goods agreement.

For commercial premises in Chester, the HCEO applies different rules.

They have the right to break into your business premises or office in Chester if you don't let them in.

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What Do I Do When I'm Approached By A High Court Enforcement Officer In Chester, Cheshire?

You should be willing to pay the full amount of the debt before the HCEO meets the property in Chester again and this will reduce the expense.

You'll need to make an offer to pay off your debt in instalments if you can't afford to pay them in one go.

You should send your preferred payment offer to the HCEO in writing and to the creditor directly in Chester.

Include proof of your budget.

You should begin to make payments at the rate you've proposed, even if the HCEO in Chester, Heswall, or Shotton hasn't responded.

You may need to consider increasing the payment offer if they fail to do so, especially if the HCEO has inspected in Chester and taken control of your products.

What Are The Fees Charged By Hceos In Chester, Cheshire?

HCEOs have a higher scale of fees but all enforcement agents in Chester add charges to your initial debt.

These costs are fixed by law in Cheshire.

For instance, if you are owing £1,000 and refused to pay, only for the HCEOs in Chester to take control of your goods, you would pay at least an additional £1,285.

When the 'Notice of enforcement' letter is sent in Chester, a charge of £75 is added.

When HCEO's visited for the first time in Chester, £190 + 7.5% of the debt value is added for debts over £1000 in Chester.

£495 is added if you set an agreement to pay but break it, or if you don't make an arrangement to pay.

£525 +7.5% of the debt value over £1,000 is added if the HCEO comes for the second time in Chester to take away your goods.

Additional storage and auction costs are included if your goods are taken away and sold in Chester, Heswall, or Shotton.

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How Can High Court Enforcement Officers Be Stopped In Chester In Cheshire?

You can apply to the Chester court to stop the HCEO if you can't come up with an arrangement to pay off the debt in instalments through a stay of execution.

However, it is not all the time that the court will grant you the stay of execution in Chester, and it is more difficult to achieve than to stop the County Court enforcement agents that collect the CCJ.