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When The High Court Enforcement Agents Visit You Executive Recoveries and Enforcement In Cornwall, Cornwall Tell You What To Do

You will notified in advance before the High Court Enforcement Officer from Cornwall calls.

You must ensure that you do not leave any outside doors open because you know that a meeting is likely.

Although High Court Enforcement Officer has no right/power to enter the home through an open window, but it you should still keep your windows closed to ensure the complete safety.

If your car is hasn't been noticed by High Court Enforcement Officers from Cornwall, then it would be better to lock it in a garage or hide it somewhere away from the property.

If a garage is inaccessible, try to park the car far from your home.

But, in case the High Court Enforcement agent finds it, they could clamp and probably remove it.

You should avoid parking the car in your driveway because bailiffs can easily clamp it there.

When enforcement agents from Cornwall come, you can ask them to show you proof of identification like an ID card or a badge.

In some cases, the High Court Enforcement Officers from Cornwall are not permitted to forcefully enter your home if it is their first time of calling.

If they caused nuisance before after letting them in, avoid allowing them into your house.

If you didn't make any agreement and HCEOs have taken control over the goods properly, they can return and take your goods.

Although, they are restricted from taking goods such as basic household items or things that are not yours.

You should not get intimidated and try to remain calm as the situation will get worse if you got angry or fought with the high court enforcement agent from Cornwall.

When Can Enforcement Forcefully Enter A Property? Executive Recoveries and Enforcement In Cornwall, Cornwall Details What Can Be Done

The circumstances that a bailiff can forcefully enter your property are less if they have not had a visit earlier.

Criminal magistrates' court fine is collected by the High Court Enforcement Officer.

HM Revenue and Customs are collecting tax areas, they must obtain approval from the court before doing this.

Cornwall HCEO can break into a business property.

It is unusual for these kinds of bailiff to enter forcefully in practice.

Also keep in mind that other kinds of High Court Enforcement Officers are not to get in by force if they have never be there before.

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Executive Recoveries and Enforcement In Cornwall, Cornwall Tell You How To Pay Off Your Debts

You should offer to pay an affordable amount and try and start making these payments quickly.

Make sure that you show a copy of your budget sheet to the officer from Cornwall while making an offer of payment.

Elaborate your situation and the struggling you are having in paying.

You can put your offer in writing if you think you won't be able to convince them verbally.

If your making a payment to an enforcement agent, always make receipt of it.

You will also expect the borrower to reimburse it directly.

This can be done if the enforcement agent is collecting council tax that you are owing the local authority.

Check your options to see if you can ask the court to take back the debt and look at what you can afford to pay.

It is possible if the debt is in the High Court, county court or you have a magistrate's court fine.

Complaining Executive Recoveries and Enforcement In Cornwall, Cornwall Tells You How

Get a detailed and written breakdown of what the High Court Enforcement Officers from Cornwall say you owe.

Bailiffs can only add certain charges stipulated by the law.

You can seize the opportunity to complain if they charged you too much.

Get an advice if you are not sure High Court Enforcement Officers have the powers they claim to have.

On the other hand, the HCEOs should behave professionally.

They must follow stipulated national standards and act within the ambits of the law.

Most bailiffs from Cornwall need to have a certificate from the County Court, which empowers them to act.

You can appeal to the court and ask that the high court enforcement agent's certificate be revoked.

Additional Advice

We recommend making a Written Complaint.

You can make a written complaint if you didn't like the way the enforcement agent behaved with you.

Or if you are not happy with the response, you can take the complaint further too.

If you owe Parking Penalty Charge Notices of Council Tax, you can complain to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.

Most private high court enforcement agents from Cornwall are part of the Civil Enforcement Association, which conducts a complaint process for their members.