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What Are The Functions Of High Court Enforcement Officers In Croydon In Greater London?

Your creditor in England and Wales can use the High Court enforcement officers (HCEO) in some cases, if he has the County Court judgment (CCJ) against you in Croydon, to collect the debt.

The HCEO is a different type of bailiff or enforcement agent who might visit your property in Croydon or sell your goods at auction in Greater London if you have not made an agreement to pay the debts against you.

There are different types of HCEO's in Croydon used which a creditor can use when:

You have not paid according to the judgment by the court although you in Croydon have a CCJ

Your liability is over £600

According to the Consumer Credit Act, your debt is not regulated in New Addington, Caterham, or Warlingham

This means HCEOs in Croydon can't enforce debts such as credit cards, overdrafts, personal loans or payday loans.

However, Greater London HCEO's are allowed to handle non-controlled debts like business debts, utility balances, old rent balances or tribunal awards.

If in any case, you receive a letter from the HCEO officer, or the HCEO officer visits your premises in Croydon, you must immediately call us.

It can be hard to deal with for you as our HCEOs in Croydon will act faster.

Do You Know Why The Creditor Uses Hceo Officers In Croydon, Greater London?

A creditor has several advantages when using a HCEO instead of a county court enforcement agent in Croydon.

The creditor in New Addington, Warlingham, or Caterham can add an 8% interest on the debt once the HCEO passes the debt.

HCEO fees are too high in Croydon, which can place people under more stress to pay up the debt.

To stop HCEO is very difficult in Croydon.

Private companies employ HCEOs and they get their wage dependent upon the amount of debt they recover in Greater London.

This is why Croydon creditors think HCEOs are more reliable and effective as opposed to other companies.

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How Do High Court Enforcement Agents In Croydon In Greater London Become A Part Of The Process?

The Croydon creditor first applies for the writ of control which allows the High Court Enforcement Officer to visit the property to recover the payment or take your goods away.

The debtors would be notified by the HCEO via a letter to tell you about their visit to Croydon.

You will be given at least seven days' notice before their first visit in Warlingham, Caterham, or New Addington.

Normally, when the HCEO goes around your property in Croydon, they require you to pay the debt in full.

They will take control of the valuable items in your home in Croydon if you couldn't pay the debt in full.

If you are self-employed, the HCEO officer might also visit your business place in Croydon.

While taking control of the goods in your home, the HCEO will also create a list of the things they can sell to recover the debt amount if you failed to pay the debt.

The goods they can or can't take possession are the same as other types of enforcement agents in Greater London.

Usually the HCEO in Croydon will let you pay the debt off in instalments and keep the goods.

If you don't pay your instalments, they'll return and carry the goods to market them in Croydon.

This is referred to as a "Controlled Goods Agreement".

In some occasions they confiscate take the goods right away in Croydon, specifically if they come across a bulky item such as a vehicle which when sold can clear the debt once and for all, or if they anticipate you might hide or sell the controlled goods before paying off the debt and your vehicles can also be clamped to hinder you from driving them.

Does A High Court Enforcement Officer Have The Right To Break Into My Home In Croydon In Greater London?

On their first visit, the HCEOs can't break into your home in Croydon, so they will just come to visit you to explore the goods in your home.

So, they cannot push past you, put a foot in the door to halt you from closing it, or climb in through a window or skylight in New Addington, Warlingham, or Caterham.

Although if this is not their first time on your property in Croydon and if your goods are listed in a controlled goods agreement, they have the right to enter forcefully if you do not pay them.

At Croydon commercial buildings, the rules are different.

Here, the HCEOs can forcefully break into your business premises in Croydon if you don't let them in.

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How Do I Act If I Am Contacted By A High Court Enforcement Officer In Greater London's Croydon?

In order to avoid the HCEO officer visiting your premises in Croydon, you should pay the debt before hand, as it would save you a lot due to the fees of the agency.

If you are not able to pay the debt in full all at once, try to make a deal where you can pay it in instalments.

Your payment offer should be sent to the creditor directly or in writing to the HCEO in Croydon.

Include a print of your financial plan.

You ought to begin payments at the agreed rate, even if you have not received communication from the HCEO in New Addington, Warlingham, or Caterham.

In case they turn down your payment request, you will need to think of increasing it, particularly if the court enforcement agent has come to Croydon and seized your items.

What Violations Will Enforcement Officers Of The High Court Charge In Croydon, Greater London?

All enforcement agents in Croydon include fees to your debt, but HCEOs have a higher tier of fees.

The charges are according to the law in Greater London.

For instance, you refuse to pay because you owe £ 1,000, or if the HCEO in Croydon controls the products, the total amount of fees added will be £1,285.

When letter of 'Notice of enforcement' is sent in Croydon, £75 is added to the debt.

£190 +7.5% of the debt value over £1,000 will be added after the HCEO's visit in Croydon.

You would be paying an additional £495 if you didn't make any arrangements to pay off your debts or you miss a payment.

If the enforcement officer returns in Croydon to take your goods, you will be charged £525 + 7.5% of the debt value over £1,000.

Additional auction and storage charges are included the moment your property is seized and sold in New Addington, Warlingham, or Caterham.

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Is It Possible To Prevent High Court Enforcement Officers In Greater London's Croydon?

If you could not manage to pay the debt in instalments you have the option to apply to the court in Croydon to halt the HCEO's proceedings with a 'stay of execution'.

However, it is not all the time that the court will grant you the stay of execution in Croydon, and it is more difficult to achieve than to stop the County Court enforcement agents that collect the CCJ.