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When An Enforcement Agent Visits Executive Recoveries and Enforcement In Greater London, Croydon Tells You What To Do

You may get notice in advance that a High Court Enforcement agent from Croydon may contact you.

In case you are aware of the visit, ensure that you don't leave any external doors open.

You are also advised to close the windows, even though they are no longer allowed to come into your home through the windows.

If your car is hasn't been noticed by High Court Enforcement Officers from Croydon, then it would be better to lock it in a garage or hide it somewhere away from the property.

You should move the vehicle away from the property if you do not have a garage.

The high court enforcement officer will most probably clamp your car if they came to know about it.

When you park it on the driveway, they also have the right to remove or clamp it.

The moment HCEOs from Croydon visit, they must show you their identifications including ID cards or badge, upon your request, so you understand them.

In most cases, the High Court Enforcement Officers from Greater London are not allowed to force entry if it is their first time of calling.

If the High Court Enforcement Officers have not been in peacefully before, do not let them into your home.

If you didn't make any agreement and HCEOs have taken control over the goods properly, they can return and take your goods.

HCEOs are not allowed to take some goods such as items of the household that are basic needs and other's property.

You should not get intimidated and try to remain calm as the situation will get worse if you got angry or fought with the high court enforcement agent from Greater London.

When Can High Court Enforcement Agents Force Entry? Executive Recoveries and Enforcement In Croydon, Greater London Answers The Question

On the first visit, entering a property by force is only allowed in some limited situations.

They can break into your property if they are collecting a criminal magistrate's court fine.

HM Revenue and Customs are collecting tax debts, the court needs to permit this.

Greater London HCEO can break into a business property.

Practically, the enforcement agents cannot enter forcefully in your property.

Also, remember that other types of bailiffs do not have the right to force entry to your property if they have not been in before.

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Executive Recoveries and Enforcement In Croydon, Greater London Explain How To Make Your Debt

You must make an affordable payment and start making the payment as soon as possible.

Make sure you show the bailiff a copy of your budget sheet if you make an offer of payment to the bailiff from Croydon.

Tell them your circumstances and why you are struggling to pay.

When the negotiation is becoming impossible, you should pen down the offer.

Get a receipt if you pay in cash to a high court enforcement agent.

You can also ask the creditor to make the payments directly.

If the bailiff is recovering tax of the council, you can use this method to pay directly to the council.

Check your options to see if you can ask the court to take back the debt and look at what you can afford to pay.

This is likely to happen in case your debt is in the County Court or High Court or in case you have a magistrates' court fine.

Complaining Executive Recoveries and Enforcement In Croydon, Greater London Reveals How To Do This

You must ask the high court enforcement officer from Croydon to provide a written breakdown of what they say you owe.

According to the law, only some specific charges can be added by the bailiffs to the debt.

If the charges are too much, you have the right to complain.

In case you are in doubt if HCEOs are bestowed with the authority they claim to possess, ask for advice.

They must be of professional behaviour.

They should follow the law and also national standards that are agreed upon.

A certificate from the county court from Croydon is required to allow the high court enforcement agents act.

You can ask the court to withdraw the enforcement agent's certificate if they misbehaved with you.

Extra Advice

Make a written compliant.

If you are unhappy with the high court enforcement agents' actions, you can write a formal complaint.

If you are still unsatisfied with their response, you are allowed to take the complaint further.

If you owe Parking Penalty Charge Notices of Council Tax, you can complain to the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman.

Most bailiffs from Croydon that are private are members of the Association of Civil Enforcement, which manages a process for complaints for their members.