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What Is The Work Of The High Court Enforcement Officers In Eastleigh In Hampshire?

Unless you live in the UK or Wales and the borrower has a judgement against you in Eastleigh by the County Court (CCJ), they may in some instances use a High Court enforcement officer (HCEO) to collect the debt.

The HCEO is a different type of bailiff or enforcement agent who might visit your property in Eastleigh or sell your goods at auction in Hampshire if you have not made an agreement to pay the debts against you.

The Eastleigh HCEOs can be used by the creditor for the following reasons:

You have been served with a CCJ in Eastleigh but you are yet to pay what the court asked you to during judgment

You are owing more than £600

According to the Consumer Credit Act, your debt is not regulated in Bishopstoke, Compton-Otterbourne, or Romsey

HCEOs in Eastleigh are not able to enforce debts including credit cards, overdrafts, payday loans or personal loans.

However, Hampshire HCEO's may make an agreement with non-regulated debts, which include service debts, business arrears, tribunal awards or outdated rent debts.

Call us for more advice immediately if you've had a letter stating a visit to your property in Eastleigh or been visited from an HCEO officer.

Our HCEO in Eastleigh will typically act quickly and can be hard to deal with alone.

Why A Creditor Chooses To Use Enforcement Officers From The High Court In Eastleigh, Hampshire?

The creditor can avail several advantages by using the HCEO rather than some other County Court enforcement agents in Eastleigh.

Creditors in Romsey, Bishopstoke, or Compton-Otterbourne can include an 8% interest to the debt after HCEOs receive it.

HCEOs charge a lot in Eastleigh, which causes stress to debt owers to make payments on their debts.

HCEOs can be more difficult to stop in Eastleigh.

High court enforcement officers work for private firms and in Hampshire, they get paid based on the amount of money they collect.

Most Eastleigh creditors believe the HCEOs are quicker and more hardworking because of the aforementioned statement.

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How An Enforcement Officer From High Court Gets Involved In Eastleigh, Hampshire?

The first step is for the creditor to get a writ of control in Eastleigh to empower the HCEO to pay the debtor a visit and get them to pay back or confiscate their goods.

HCEO's send an enforcement notice informing you about their visit in Eastleigh.

The notice would be issued by HCEOs 7 days prior to the visit in Romsey, Bishopstoke, or Compton-Otterbourne.

An HCEO will attend your property in Eastleigh and expect full payment of the debt.

They will be asking for commodities to be managed until the debt is paid if you can not do so in Eastleigh.

They may also go to your business office in Eastleigh if you work for yourself.

To take control of goods means that HCEO produces a list of items that are to be deleted and sold if the debt is not paid.

Items the HCEOs can or cannot seize are just the same as other kinds of enforcement agents in Hampshire.

HCEOs in Eastleigh can allow you to pay in instalments and keep your goods.

If you don't pay your instalments, they'll return and carry the goods to market them in Eastleigh.

This is termed a goods agreement that is controlled.

If in case, the officer from the HCEO visits your place and find a good item like car, in Eastleigh they can straight away take that into their custody as it would easily pay-off your debt, or in other case, they might also clamp your vehicle in order to stop you driving the aforesaid vehicle until the debt is cleared.

Is Breaking Into Homes In Hampshire's Eastleigh Allowed For High Court Enforcement Officers?

HCEOs will attempt to gain entry into your home to search for goods, it is illegal for them to forcefully enter your property in Eastleigh on the first visit.

This implies they are not allowed to climb through a skylight or window, push past you or block the door with their foot to stop you from closing it in Compton-Otterbourne, Bishopstoke, or Romsey.

However, if the HCEO officer already has a list of goods of items in the controlled goods agreement, they can forcefully enter your house in Eastleigh and if you have not paid the debts.

In commercial properties in Eastleigh, the rules are different.

Here, the HCEOs can forcefully break into your business premises in Eastleigh if you don't let them in.

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In Case A Hceo Gets In Touch With Me In Eastleigh In Hampshire, What Should I Do?

You should consider paying off the debt before the HCEO's first visit in Eastleigh if you can afford to pay and it will save you from major problems.

If you are unable to pay the debt at once, you must offer to pay it off in instalments.

Write your offer of payment and send it directly to the creditor or the HCEO in Eastleigh.

You should also attach a copy of your budget.

Start paying the debt at the rate stated in the offer even if you have not received a reply from the high court enforcement officer in Compton-Otterbourne, Romsey, or Bishopstoke.

If your offer is refused consider raising it, particularly if the enforcement officer has come to Eastleigh and seized some of your goods.

How Much Can A High Court Enforcement Office Charge In Hampshire's Eastleigh?

Fees are always added to your debt by enforcement agents in Eastleigh, but the ones set by HCEOs are higher.

These fees are regulated as per the Hampshire laws.

For example, a debt of £1000 can hike up to £1285 if you leave it unpaid and your goods are seized by HCEO's in Eastleigh.

When letter of 'Notice of enforcement' is sent in Eastleigh, £75 is added to the debt.

When you are visited in Eastleigh by the HCEO, £190 +7.5% of the debt value of over £1,000 is also added.

In case you do not have any plan to settle your debt, or you fail to pay as agreed, then £495 will be included.

Removal of goods by the HCEO when they attend Eastleigh again can add £525 as well as 7.5% of the debt value over £1000.

Additional storage and auction costs are included if your goods are taken away and sold in Bishopstoke, Compton-Otterbourne, or Romsey.

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How Can I Prevent High Court Enforcement Officers In Eastleigh In Hampshire?

You can apply to the Eastleigh court to stop the HCEO if you can't come up with an arrangement to pay off the debt in instalments through a stay of execution.

Asking the court for the stay of execution in Eastleigh is much more difficult rather than continuing to use the County Court enforcement agents who use a CCJ and the court could disapprove.