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How To Stop High Court Enforcement In Kent

It can be an experience that is stressful when High Court Enforcement Officers visit your home in Kent but, you have your rights to exercise and shouldn't be bullied.

High Court Enforcement Officers are only allowed to enter your residence in Kent between 6am and 9pm.

Do not allow a high court enforcement officer into your house in Maidstone, Chatham, or Gillingham.

Settle your debt by ensuring that they stay outside in Kent and communicating to the phone, or through your door.

Close your windows and lock your doors because High Court Enforcement Officers in Kent can only come in through doors that are not locked.

You should also lock the door of your porch if you have it.

In some cases, the High Court Enforcement officials have a right to force entry in Kent by requesting a locksmith to open your door if you don't let them in, depending on the sort of debt you owe.

You may want to pay off your debt to restrict them from taking further actions.

Dial 999 if the High Court Enforcement Officer attacks you violently - don't let them into your home in Kent for any reason.

In Kent's Kent, Request Their Identification Proof

The first action you should take when a High Court Enforcement officer visits you is to require evidence of who they are and the reason for their visit in Kent.

Tell them to leave if they identified themselves as "debt collectors" in Chatham, Gillingham, or Maidstone.

They do not have the same authority as High Court Enforcement Officers and they will leave in Kent as soon as you request that they do so.

Ask them to show you the ID card, badge, or enforcement agent certificate if they say that they are the high court enforcement agent.

All HCEOs who are registered in Kent carry their proof of identity.

They also have to tell you about which company they belong to and provide you a their head office contact number in Kent.

In Kent, they can be asked to pass you all documents through the letterbox or to show at the window.

Their identification evidence indicates their name and what type of high court enforcement officials they are.

You can check their identity in Kent by:

Verify the accredited Bailiffs register - in case they mention that they are certified in Kent

Check the directory if they claim to be HCEOs

In case they appear to be county court enforcement officers, family court enforcement officers or a civilian enforcement officers - you have a right to contact the court in Kent that sent them.

If they failed to prove their identity in Kent, you can tell them to leave.

You should say you will report them to the police in Chatham, Maidstone, or Gillingham if they don't leave.

Call 999 if they refused to go.

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Check If The High Court Enforcement Officer Can Force Entry In Kent In Kent?

High Court Enforcement Agents could have the power of forceful entry to your home or business in Kent provided they're collecting:

Magistrates court fines: such as you received a fine for not paying the license of your television.

Debts of Tax for HMRC: you haven't remitted your income tax.

They should have regarding your debt and a 'notice´ or a "writ" from a particular court in Kent.

Check your signed and recorded paperwork and get the legal name and address in Kent.

They cannot break down your door to enter - they are authorised to use 'reasonable force' in Gillingham, Chatham, or Maidstone if required.

They can bring back a locksmith from Kent to get the door opened.

It is rare for such as situation to occur since you will be given time to come up with an offer for paying the debt.

If the bailiffs make claims of getting assistance from a locksmith from Kent to enter to your home by force, contact your local Citizens Advice to help on how to deal with this situation.

What Happens If You Let The Hceos Into Your Home?

If you let the HCEOs into your home and couldn't afford to pay off your debts then, you would need to make a "Controlled Goods Agreement".

This implies that you will pay an agreed bailiff fees and a settlement plan.

See how the high-court enforcement officials from Kent interpret a controlled goods.

The HCEOs will remove your goods to sell and pay off your debt if you refuse to make an agreement.

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If They Don't Have The Right To Enter Your Home By Force

They do not have the right to enter your house in Kent by force if it is other types of debt they are collecting.

This Involves If They Are At Your Place For Collecting:

Outstanding council debt for Maidstone, Chatham, or Gillingham

Catalogue or credit card debts

Parking ticket arrears

Money you owe to phone or energy companies

You can talk to them through closed-door whilst the HCEOs are outside.

Also make sure every individual in your home knows not to let them in.

Ask them to give you a complete breakdown of the debt they are collecting and to whom its payable to -this is the person or company they claim you owe money to.

Ask them to pass any documents by the letterbox or below the door.

Also confirm the date and address of any document they give to you, ensuring they are in your correct name.

If it's not your debt, tell them that you will get in touch with head office of the bailiff and ask them to go.

On the other hand, if it is your debt, tell the High Court Enforcement Officers (HCEOs) from Kent to leave and that you will contact their head office and arrange on how to pay off your debts.

The High Court Enforcement Officer might ask for payment while at the door or demand to get inside - don't.

They have no right to force themselves in or to bring a locksmith to help them achieve that either.

If you refuse to let them in, they will leave but they'll be back if you don't arrange to pay your debt.

Therefore, you need to make the arrangements as fast as you can to avoid their fees being added to your debt.

File a complaint if the high court enforcement officer harasses you or refuses to leave.

If You Have Violated A 'controlled Goods Agreement'

A letter named the 'notice of intention to re-enter' may be sent to you if you break this agreement.

Which ensures that the high court enforcement officer from Kent is allowed to enter your home with' fair force'.

Even in this case they will have to take help from a locksmith instead of breaking the door.

You could still get time to adjust and discuss your agreement of controlled goods with High Court Enforcement Officers from Kent and stop them from visiting. But you should act quickly.

You can also check what can be done if you went contrary to the Controlled Goods Arrangement.