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What Can High Court Enforcement Officers Do In Leicester, Leicestershire?

Your creditor in England and Wales can use the High Court enforcement officers (HCEO) in some cases, if he has the County Court judgment (CCJ) against you in Leicester, to collect the debt.

The HCEO is an enforcement officer and they'll come to your home in Leicester, and if you fail to agree to pay your debt, they can carry your properties to sell at auction in Leicestershire.

Guidelines that allow creditors to use HCEO's in Leicester include:

They have a CCJ against you in Leicester and the payments which the courts ordered you to make have not been remitted

You have an over £600 debt

Your debt in Clarendon Park, Beaumont Leys, or Aylestone is not supervised by the Consumer Credit Act

This means that debts like overdrafts, credit cards, personal loans or payday loans can not be enforced by HCEO's in Leicester.

However, Leicestershire HCEO's can handle unregulated debts including tribunal awards, utility arrears, old rent arrears, and business debts.

You may need to contact us for help when you receive a letter from the HCEO saying that they would come to your Leicester property.

It can be hard to deal with for you as our HCEOs in Leicester will act faster.

What Is The Aim Of The Creditor By Using The High Court Enforcement Officers In Leicester In Leicestershire?

There are many benefits why a creditor uses HCEOs instead of County Court enforcement agents in Leicester.

After the debt has been transferred to High Court Compliance Officers, the creditor in Aylestone, Beaumont Leys, or Clarendon Park will apply 8 percent interest.

Many of the people are under pressure to pay the debts due to the fees of the HCEO, which are much higher than anticipated in Leicester.

It can be far more difficult to stop HCEOs in Leicester.

HCEOs are hired and paid by a private company depending on the amount they collected in Leicestershire.

Many creditors in Leicester feel HCEOs are more effective and faster because of this.

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How Is A High Court Enforcement Officer Involved In Leicester, Leicestershire?

First, the creditor in Leicester will ask for an Order of Control, which tells the HCEO to come to your home and collect payment or seize your goods.

You'll receive a notice of execution letter from the HCEO informing you that they're going to contact you in Leicester.

At least seven days' notice must be given, before their first visit in Aylestone, Clarendon Park, or Beaumont Leys.

Your Leicester property will be visited by the HCEO and you would be asked to make your payment in full.

If you are unable to do this in Leicester, they would search for the valuable goods you own which could be taken till the payment is made.

The HCEO may also call at the debtors' business premises in Leicester if they are self-employed.

Taking control of goods is the HCEO's job, they will separate goods to be sold once you fail to pay the debt.

They have the same restrictions as other enforcement agents in Leicestershire on the goods they can or cannot touch.

In most cases, Leicester enforcement officers will allow you to keep the items so long as you agree to pay the debt in instalments.

But if you miss out to pay the instalment, they might visit again and take goods in their list to sell in Leicester and pay-off your instalment.

This call-of-action is known as the controlled goods agreement.

It is not uncommon for them to take goods immediately in Leicester, particularly if they have found a sizeable item like a car which could be sold to pay off the debt as soon as possible, or if they suspect that you may sell the goods or remove them prior to the complete payment of your debt and to ensure that you do not drive your car, your car can be immobilised.

Is It Possible For A Court Enforcement Agent Breaking Into My Premises In Leicestershire's Leicester?

HCEOs cannot force their way into your home in Leicester on the first visit, but instead, they will look for goods but cannot enter forcefully.

This means they can't prevent you from closing the door and they can't even push past you and they aren't allowed to climb through a window or skylight in Beaumont Leys, Aylestone, or Clarendon Park.

HCEOs can only use force to come into your Leicester home if you don't pay them, only if they have been there previously and have listed some goods in a controlled goods agreement.

The rules vary at commercial premises in Leicester.

If you are self employed in Leicester, the HCEO has the right to forcefully enter your property if you try to stop them.

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What To Do In Case An Enforcement Officer From High Court Calls You In Leicester, Leicestershire?

If it is affordable for you to pay the debt in full before the first visit of HCEO to your property in Leicester, you should do this and this will save you from extra costs.

You can also insist for an instalment plan if you are unable to pay-off your debts in full.

You should send your preferred payment offer to the HCEO in writing and to the creditor directly in Leicester.

Enclose a copy of your budget.

If you do not hear back from the HCEO in Beaumont Leys, Aylestone, or Clarendon Park, you should begin paying instalments regardless.

If it is refused by the HCEO, think about upping the rate, especially if your goods are seized when you were visited by an HCEO in Leicester.

What Are The Fees Charged In Leicester In Leicestershire By High Court Enforcement Officers?

Enforcement fees is added to the debt by every enforcement agent in Leicester but HCEOs have the higher fees scales.

The fees charged are set in law in Leicestershire.

Suppose, the total debt is £1,000 and you are refusing to pay, the HCEO in Leicester take control of your goods and will add-on their service charges thus making the debt to £1,285.

When the 'Notice of enforcement' letter is sent in Leicester, a charge of £75 is added.

When the HCEO first goes around in Leicester, a £190 + 7.5% of the debt value over £1,000 is included.

£495 included if you fail to arrange to pay, or if you made a plan to pay but default.

Removal of goods by the HCEO when they attend Leicester again can add £525 as well as 7.5% of the debt value over £1000.

Other costs such as storage and auctions fees are added for the removal and sale of your goods in Clarendon Park, Aylestone, or Beaumont Leys.

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Can I Stop Progress In Leicester, Leicestershire, Of Enforcement Officers From The High Court?

In case you cannot make a deal to pay the debt off in instalments, you may be able to apply to the Leicester court to stop the HCEO's with a 'stay of execution'.

It is more difficult rather than stopping County Court enforcement agents who would be used to collect a County Court Judgement (CCJ) and the court may also not agree to the Stay of Execution in Leicester.