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What Are The Functions Of High Court Enforcement Officers In South Shields In Tyne and Wear?

Your creditor in England and Wales can use the High Court enforcement officers (HCEO) in some cases, if he has the County Court judgment (CCJ) against you in South Shields, to collect the debt.

HCEO's can remove your products from your South Shields property to sell at auctions in Tyne and Wear if you do come to term with a debt payment plan, they are similar to enforcement agents.

HCEOs can be used by creditors in South Shields under these conditions:

You have not paid according to the judgment by the court although you in South Shields have a CCJ

Your debt is over £600

The Consumer Credit Act is not applicable to your debt in Whitburn, Jarrow, or Cleadon

It means that South Shields HCEOs do not have the jurisdiction to enforce debts such as personal loans, payday loans, overdrafts or credit cards.

HCEOs in Tyne and Wear can deal with debts that are non-regulated such as business debts, utility arrears, tribunal awards or old rent arrears.

If you have received a notice of HCEO's visit to your South Shields premises or they have already visited you, don't panic and call us for advice.

Our HCEOs in South Shields are quick to work and this can be complicated for you to handle.

Why Would A Creditor Hire High Court Enforcement Officers In South Shields In Tyne and Wear?

The creditors do not prefer using the County court enforcement agents because the HCEOs in South Shields can bring them more benefits.

The creditor in Cleadon, Whitburn, or Jarrow can add 8% interest once the debt has been passed to HCEOs.

The borrowers usually get under more pressure to pay the debt when they're dealing with the HCEO because their fees are much higher in South Shields.

It's more difficult to stop the HCEOs in South Shields.

HCEOs check are according to how much debt they collect in Tyne and Wear, and usually work for private companies.

Mostly, creditors in South Shields believe that HCEOs are quicker and more efficient.

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How Can An Officer Of The High Court Enforcement Agency In South Shields, Tyne and Wear Be Involved?

Firstly, the creditor in South Shields needs to request for a writ of control which requires the HCEO to go around your residence and obtain the payment or take your goods.

You will receive an enforcement letter notice from the HCEO informing you that they are going to reach out in South Shields.

The notice would be issued 7 days prior to the visit in Whitburn, Jarrow, or Cleadon.

The HCEO will ask you to pay the debt in full when they visit your home in South Shields.

In case you are unable to pay the debt in South Shields, they will seize some goods until you pay the debt in full.

If you own a business, the HCEOs may also go to your business premises in South Shields.

The HCEO will make a list of valuables to be removed and sold if you don't pay the debt when they take control of your goods.

The goods which they are allowed to take are the same as other enforcement agents in Tyne and Wear.

Debtors may be allowed by the South Shields HCEO to keep the goods and pay their debts in instalments.

If you lack a payment in the schedule, they will be back to remove and sell the goods in South Shields.

This call-of-action is known as the controlled goods agreement.

If the HCEO finds a big possession, like a car that can finish off your debt, they will immediately seize it in South Shields or they may clamp it before you can hide it, they also can stop your from being allowed to drive your transport vehicle until the debt is paid off in full.

Can A High Court Enforcement Officer Enter My Residence In South Shields In Tyne and Wear Without An Invite?

HCEOs will attempt to gain entry into your home to search for goods, it is illegal for them to forcefully enter your property in South Shields on the first visit.

HCEO's are not allowed to physically force their way into your home, so they cannot climb through a window, push past you, or stop you from closing the door in Cleadon, Jarrow, or Whitburn.

However, if the HCEO officer already has a list of goods of items in the controlled goods agreement, they can forcefully enter your house in South Shields and if you have not paid the debts.

In commercial properties in South Shields, the rules are different.

If you have a business, the court enforcement officers may use force entry into your premises in South Shields if you refuse to allow them in.

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What Can Be Done If I Am Contacted In South Shields In Tyne and Wear By A High Court Enforcement Officer?

It is advisable to pay off your debts before the HCEO comes knocking on your door in South Shields and that is of course, if you can afford to do so.

You will have to make an offer to pay it in instalments if you can not afford to pay the debt in one go.

You will need to serve a written offer to the court enforcement agent and creditor directly in South Shields.

Also add a copy of your budget.

Start paying the debt at the rate stated in the offer even if you have not received a reply from the high court enforcement officer in Whitburn, Cleadon, or Jarrow.

If the HCEO officer had already visited your place in South Shields or have taken control of your goods, consider revising your offer if the proposal is rejected by the HCEO.

What Fees Are Associated With The Hceos In South Shields, Tyne and Wear?

Although all South Shields enforcement agents add more fees to your debts, the HCEOs tend to charge higher.

The fees are determined by the law in Tyne and Wear.

For instance, the HCEO in South Shields will charge £1,285 in total if you have a debt of £1,000 and they will sell your goods to recover the entire amount.

When the notice of enforcement letter is sent in South Shields then the £75 is added.

For the first visit of the HCEO in South Shields, you will be charged £190 +7.5% of the debt value over £1,000.

£495 included if you fail to arrange to pay, or if you made a plan to pay but default.

If the HCEO officer visits again in South Shields to remove the items for the debt value over £1,000, extra £525 +7.5 % will be charged by the officer.

Other storage and auction expenses are included if your possessions are taken out and sold in Cleadon, Whitburn, or Jarrow.

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Is There Any Way That I Can Stop Court Enforcement Agents In Tyne and Wear's South Shields?

You can apply to the South Shields courts to stop the HCEOs only if you cannot come to an arrangement on how to pay off your debts with a "Stay of Execution."

However, it is not all the time that the court will grant you the stay of execution in South Shields, and it is more difficult to achieve than to stop the County Court enforcement agents that collect the CCJ.