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What Is The Duty Of High Court Enforcement Officers In Greater London's Wandsworth?

The landlord or creditor may use the County Court Judgement (CCJ) against you in Wandsworth if you are a tenant living in any commercial property in Wales or England, a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) can be used to collect debt you owe.

The HCEO will come to your Wandsworth site and if you don't come to an agreement on the debt settlement, they have the mandate to auction your goods in Greater London as the HCEO is a kind of bailiff or an enforcement agent.

The Wandsworth HCEOs could be used by creditors under these conditions:

You haven't made the payments according to the court's judgment that was given with a CCJ in Wandsworth

You have a debt above £600

The Consumer Credit Act do not control your debt in Balham, Putney, or Battersea

That means Wandsworth HCEOs cannot deal with debts like overdrafts, credit cards, personal loans, or payday loans.

However, Greater London HCEO's can handle unregulated debt like public arrears, commercial debts, court awards or old rental arrears.

If in any case, you receive a letter from the HCEO officer, or the HCEO officer visits your premises in Wandsworth, you must immediately call us.

Normally, our HCEO in Wandsworth reacts with speed and it may be hard handling them individually.

Why Would A Creditor Hire High Court Enforcement Officers In Wandsworth In Greater London?

The creditor can avail several advantages by using the HCEO rather than some other County Court enforcement agents in Wandsworth.

A creditor in Battersea, Balham, or Putney may add eight percent interest if the debt has been moved to high court enforcement officers

The borrowers usually get under more pressure to pay the debt when they're dealing with the HCEO because their fees are much higher in Wandsworth.

It can be really difficult in Wandsworth to stop an HCEO.

Private companies hire HCEOs, who are paid according to the amount they gather in Greater London.

This is why many creditors in Wandsworth think HCEO's are faster and more efficient when compared with other companies.

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How Is A Greater London's Wandsworth High Court Enforcement Officer's Involvement In This?

The first step is for the creditor to get a writ of control in Wandsworth to empower the HCEO to pay the debtor a visit and get them to pay back or confiscate their goods.

The HCEO will send you a notice of enforcement letter telling you that they're going to call in Wandsworth.

An HCEO will inform you before their first visit in Putney, Battersea, or Balham by at least seven days.

When they visit in Wandsworth, the HCEO would first demand payment for the debt owed.

If you are unable to pay your debts in Wandsworth, then they will look for goods that can be taken into custody until the amount if cleared.

In case you are self employed they may visit your commercial premises in Wandsworth.

The HCEO will first compile a list of items that they will take until the debts are not cleared and can be sold when they take control of goods.

The goods which they are allowed to take are the same as other enforcement agents in Greater London.

Normally, the HCEO in Wandsworth will enable you to keep the goods and pay your debt off in instalments.

They'll come back and remove the goods to sell them in Wandsworth if you miss any instalments.

This call-of-action is known as the controlled goods agreement.

At times, HCEO's may seize the items right away in Wandsworth, particularly if there is a bulky asset like a vehicle which may be auctioned to instantly settle the debt, or in case they believe you are likely to hide or dispose off the controller property before paying your debt, and they may as well secure your car to prevent you from driving it.

Are High Court Enforcement Officers Allowed To Break Into The Home In Wandsworth In Greater London?

HCEOs will try to gain access looking for items to confiscate but they are not supposed to force themselves into your house in Wandsworth during the first visit.

This implies that they cannot push past you, stop you from closing the door or climb in through a window or skylight to enter in Putney, Balham, or Battersea.

Yet, in case they have been around your house in Wandsworth before, and identified the items within a controlled agreement, they may apply force to enter if you fail to pay.

The rules vary at commercial premises in Wandsworth.

If you have a business, the court enforcement officers may use force entry into your premises in Wandsworth if you refuse to allow them in.

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What Do I Do When I'm Approached By A High Court Enforcement Officer In Wandsworth, Greater London?

If you can pay the debt fully before the HCEO initially attends your house in Wandsworth, you should do this and that will reduce the costs to the least.

If you are not in a position to settle the debt at a go, you will have to come to an agreement of paying it off in periodic instalments.

You can send to the High Court Enforcement Officer in Wandsworth and straight to the creditor an offer of the payment.

Enclose a copy of your expenditure.

In addition, start paying as per the payment plan that you offered, even if the HCEO in Balham, Putney, or Battersea didn't reply.

If your payment arrangement is declined, you may be required to increase it, particularly if the HCEO has taken control of your goods after visiting your Wandsworth property.

What Fees May An Hceo Charge In Wandsworth In Greater London?

All court enforcement agents in Wandsworth surcharge your debt; yet, HCEOs charge even a higher fee.

These fees are fixed by law in Greater London.

For instance, you refuse to pay because you owe £ 1,000, or if the HCEO in Wandsworth controls the products, the total amount of fees added will be £1,285.

When a 'Notice of enforcement' letter is sent in Wandsworth, it will add £75.

When the HCEO visits for the first time in Wandsworth, £190 + 7.5% of the value of the debt over £1,000 is added.

An additional £495 will be added if you don't pay as per an agreed plan, or if you don't make an effort to settle the debt.

If the HCEO officer visits again in Wandsworth to remove the items for the debt value over £1,000, extra £525 +7.5 % will be charged by the officer.

Other auction costs and storage fees can be added if your goods are removed and sold in Battersea, Putney, or Balham.

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Can You Stop Enforcement Officers Of The High Court In Wandsworth In Greater London?

You can apply to the Wandsworth courts to stop the HCEOs only if you cannot come to an arrangement on how to pay off your debts by a "Stay of Execution".

However, it is not all the time that the court will grant you the stay of execution in Wandsworth, and it is more difficult to achieve than to stop the County Court enforcement agents that collect the CCJ.