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When High Court Enforcement Agent Calls Executive Recoveries and Enforcement In Wandsworth, Greater London Explains What You Need To Do

You should have received a notice before telling you that a high court enforcement officer from Wandsworth will call you.

If you think that they will come to your home, then be sure to lock all your external doors.

Yes, the bailiffs aren't allowed to enter your home through a window, you should still keep the windows closed.

You can lock your car inside a garage or hide it elsewhere if the high court enforcement officers from Wandsworth haven't noted down the details of your vehicle.

You should park the car away from your house if you do not have access to a driveway.

If they found out, they may lock it or clamp and possibly remove it.

They can also do this if its parked on your own drive.

The moment HCEOs from Wandsworth visit, they must show you their identifications including ID cards or badge, upon your request, so you understand them.

In most instances, High Court Enforcement Officers from Greater London are not to force their way into your residence if they have not had a previous visit.

If HCEOs have not been in your home peacefully before, you do not have to let them into your home.

If you didn't make any agreement and HCEOs have taken control over the goods properly, they can return and take your goods.

However, they can not take essential household items with them or the items that belong to someone else can not be seized.

You should not get intimidated and try to remain calm as the situation will get worse if you got angry or fought with the high court enforcement agent from Greater London.

When Is The Arrival Of High Court Enforcement Officer? Executive Recoveries and Enforcement In Wandsworth, Greater London Explains In More Detail

There are limited situations when a High court enforcement agent has the right to force entry to your home if they have not been in before.

The High Court Enforcement is collecting a criminal magistrates' court levy.

The court's permission is required to HM revenue and customs for collecting tax debts.

Greater London HCEO can break into a business property.

In most cases, the high court enforcement agents avoid entering a property forcefully.

All other kinds of bailiffs cannot forcefully enter without being inside before that.

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Executive Recoveries and Enforcement In Greater London, Wandsworth Explains About Making Payments

You must make an affordable payment and start making the payment as soon as possible.

Make sure that you show a copy of your budget sheet to the officer from Wandsworth while making an offer of payment.

Let them know why repayment is difficult for you.

Moreover, in case you are struggling to make an agreement with them, take into consideration writing your offer.

Get a receipt if you pay in cash to a high court enforcement agent.

You can request your creditor in certain circumstances to allow you to make payments directly to them.

It can operate by raising tax from the government of the local authority as the High court enforcement officer.

Also find out about your right to request a court to take back the debt and look at what you can afford to pay.

This would work out if you have a fine from a magistrate's court or if the debt is in the high court of county court.

Complaining Executive Recoveries and Enforcement In Wandsworth, Greater London Reveals How To Do This

Always ask for the written breakdown of what the HCEOs from Wandsworth stating what you owe.

According to the law, the High Court Enforcement agents can only include set charges to your arrears.

If you think that they have charged too much, you can object.

You must seek legal advice, if you are in doubt about the powers of High Court Enforcement Officer.

All enforcement agents are required to act accordingly.

They must be professional and adhere to the national standards.

Most High Court Enforcement agents from Wandsworth need to have a license from the County Court to enable them to act.

You can also complain to the court and ask for withdrawal of the bailiffs' certificates.

More Advice

Make a written complaint when necessary.

You can make a written complaint if you are not happy with the way a high court enforcement agent has acted.

If you are not satisfied with their response, law permits you to take your complaint further.

The Social Care Ombudsman or the Local Government can be complained to if your debt is related to fine for parking penalty or council tax.

Most particular bailiffs from Wandsworth belong to the Civil Enforcement Association, which performs a complaints process for their members.