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How To Stop High Court Enforcement In Wandsworth

It can be a tough experience when high court enforcement officers visit your property in Wandsworth but don't worry because you have got rights.

High Court Enforcement are not permitted to visit your home in Wandsworth outside the hours of 6am and 9pm.

It is important that High Court Enforcement Officers don't enter your place in Balham, Putney, or Battersea.

You should always seek, by holding them outside in Wandsworth and communicating by door or mobile, to pay your debt.

Ensure your windows are closed and your doors are locked as the HCEO in Wandsworth is only allowed to come in through the unlocked door.

Also lock any porch in your house that has a door that could be locked.

In some conditions such as the type of debt, the high court enforcement agent can open the door in Greater London by making use of force with the help of a locksmith if you refuse to allow them in.

You get the chance to pay without them coming in.

You should not let the High Court Enforcement Officers into your Wandsworth home, and if they try to harm you, you can call 999.

In Wandsworth, Greater London, Get Their Identity Proof

The first action you should take when a High Court Enforcement officer visits you is to require evidence of who they are and the reason for their visit in Wandsworth.

Tell them to leave if they claim to be a 'debt collector' in Balham, Battersea, or Putney.

They don't have equal powers as High Court Enforcement Officers and they ought to obey your demands when you ask them to leave in Wandsworth.

You should ask them to show their badge, ID card or 'enforcement officer certificate' in case they identify themselves as a High Court Enforcement agent.

All registered HCEOs in Wandsworth have to carry proof of who they are.

They'll also give you a telephone contact number for the head office in Greater London while telling you about the company they're from.

In Wandsworth, ask that they show you the documents through your window or even the letterbox.

The name and the type of High Court enforcement agent are mentioned on the proof of identity.

Confirm their identity in Wandsworth by:

If they present themselves as certificated enforcement agent in Wandsworth, check the register of bailiffs that are certificated

Check the directory to verify a high court enforcement officer

If they say they are family court enforcement agent, county court enforcement agent, or a civilian enforcement officer, you need to contact the relevant court in Wandsworth to verify their identity.

In case they cannot prove who they are in Greater London, you should ask them to leave.

Tell them that police in Balham, Putney, or Battersea will be reported if they don't leave.

Call 999 if they refuse to leave.

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Check If The High Court Enforcement Officer Can Force Entry In Greater London's Wandsworth?

The high court enforcement agent can enter forcefully into your residence or business in Wandsworth if they have to collect the following:

Magistrate court fines: for example, you were charged for failing to remit your TV certificate.

HM Revenue and Customs tax debts: you have pending income tax.

They should show your debts proof and a document or "warrant" called a "writ", which must be issued by a court in Wandsworth.

Verify if the documents are signed, your address in Wandsworth and name are correct and also check the date.

They have no right to break the door and should use reasonable force in Battersea, Balham, or Putney.

This means they'll have to attend with someone who will get the door open, a locksmith from Wandsworth.

The chances of them doing this are minimal normally you will still have the opportunity to try and settle the bill.

It is important to seek advice from the locals in the event that the enforcement officers are threatening to call in a locksmith from Wandsworth for the purpose of forcing their entry into your premise.

In Case You Let The High Court Enforcement Agent To Enter Your Property

If you choose to allow them inside your house and cannot manage to clear the debt right away, you will need to consider making a controlled goods agreement.

This implies that you will say yes to a payment plan and settle some bailiff fees.

Read more about the details involved in making a controlled goods agreement with enforcement agents from Greater London.

In case you don't make an agreement, the High Court Enforcement agents could take your items out to sell and pay off your debt.

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If You Don't Allow Bailiffs To Forcefully Enter

If the High Court Enforcement Officer from Greater London receives some debt of any other kind, he cannot force an entry.

This Includes The Following:

Unpaid Council tax for the locations of Balham, Battersea, or Putney

Dues regarding credit cards and catalogues

Parking tickets that are unpaid

Dues to be paid to phone or energy companies

You can talk to them through closed-door whilst the HCEOs are outside.

Tell everyone else in your home not to let them in.

Ask them to give you a complete breakdown of the debt they are collecting and to whom its payable to -this is the person or company they claim you owe money to.

Tell them to pass documents by or under the door of the letter box.

Ensure that any papers they serve you are up-to-date and contain your official name and contact.

If its not your debt, ask them to leave and that you will get in touch with the High Court Enforcement Officer's headquarters to explain.

If it is your debt, tell the high court enforcement from Wandsworth to go and tell their headquarters to make payment arrangements.

The High Court Enforcement Officers might say you are bound to pay them on the doorstep or you have to let them in, but remember you don't.

They don't have the power to force through to your residence and they are not allowed to have a locksmith attend to unlock your locked door for entry.

You may not allow them to enter your home and they might leave after your refusal, however, they will be back soon if you fail to arrange the unpaid debt.

You must do it as soon as possible or the bailiffs might tell you to pay extra.

If the bailiff remains on your property, or if you feel that you are being threatened, you have the rights to complain.

If You've Failed A 'controlled Goods Agreement'

If you break the agreement regarding controlled goods, you can receive a letter letting you know that the bailiff can enter again.

This would mean that the bailiff from Wandsworth can enter your place and use limited force to do so.

They must use a locksmith to open your door - they aren't permitted to knock it down.

You should take an action quickly such as renegotiating your agreement regarding controlled goods; this should make bailiffs from Greater London not visit you.

You must know what to do in case of breaking the agreement of controlled goods.