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What Is The Work Of The High Court Enforcement Officers In Widnes In Cheshire?

Your creditor in England and Wales can use the High Court enforcement officers (HCEO) in some cases, if he has the County Court judgment (CCJ) against you in Widnes, to collect the debt.

HCEO's can remove your products from your Widnes property to sell at auctions in Cheshire if you do come to term with a debt payment plan, they are similar to enforcement agents.

A creditor can use HCEO services in Widnes if:

They have a CCJ against you in Widnes and the payments which the courts ordered you to make have not been remitted

You are over £600 in debt

Your debt in Hale Bank, Widnes, or Allerton is not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act

This implies that debts such as credit cards, personal loans, payday loans, and overdrafts cannot be enforced by the HCEOs in Widnes.

Although other non-regularity debts like business debts, utility arrears, old rental arrears or tribunal awards can be dealt by the HCEO in Cheshire.

You may need to contact your us when you receive a letter from the HCEO saying that they would come to your Widnes property.

Our HCEO in Widnes is always swift in action and this can be complicated to handle.

What Makes Creditors Employ The Services Of High Court Enforcement Officers In Widnes, Cheshire?

Using a HCEO instead of a County Court enforcement agent in Widnes is much better for a creditor.

The creditor in Hale Bank, Allerton, or Widnes has the right to include an 8% interest when they involve the HCEO.

People are forced to pay their debts because the fees associated with the HCEOs are normally higher in Widnes.

It is difficult to stop HCEOs in Widnes.

HCEOs work in a private firm and are paid according to the percentage they receive in Cheshire.

This makes HCEO's more efficient and reliable in the eyes of creditors in Widnes.

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How Does High Court Enforcement Officer Involve Themselves In Widnes In Cheshire?

Next, the creditor in Widnes applies for a writ of control that advises the HCEO to verify the property and receive payments for your products.

The HCEO will send you a notice of enforcement letter telling you that they're going to call in Widnes.

This is a seven day warning sent before their first visit to Allerton, Widnes, or Hale Bank.

When they visit in Widnes, the HCEO would first demand payment for the debt owed.

If you cannot pay, they will seize goods to control in Widnes until you have paid the debts wholly.

If you are self-employed, they must attend your business in Widnes.

The goods that are taken control of would be listed and later sold off if the debtor doesn't pay up.

Items the HCEOs can or cannot seize are just the same as other kinds of enforcement agents in Cheshire.

Generally, Widnes HCEOs will allow you keep the goods and make the payment of the debt in instalments.

In case you fail any instalment, they will be back and seize the items for auctioning in Widnes.

This procedure is termed as controlled goods agreement.

The HCEO can also take the goods immediately in Widnes if they are large items, such as cars that can be sold immediately and used to pay off the debt, as well, they can have your vehicle clamped to ensure you can't drive it, and it is also possible that the HCEO can take the goods straight away if they believe they might remove and sell them before paying off the debt.

Does A High Court Enforcement Officer Have The Right To Break Into My Property In Widnes, Cheshire?

HCEOs cannot force their way into your home in Widnes on the first visit, but instead, they will look for goods but cannot enter forcefully.

Therefore, they have no right to climb through a skylight or window, push past you or prevent you from closing the door in Hale Bank, Allerton, or Widnes.

HCEOs can only use force to come into your home in Widnes if you don't pay them, only if they have been there previously and have listed some goods in a controlled goods agreement.

These rules do not apply on commercial properties in Widnes.

If you are self employed in Widnes, the HCEO has the right to forcefully enter your property if you try to stop them.

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What Do I Do When I'm Approached By A High Court Enforcement Officer In Widnes, Cheshire?

If it is affordable for you to pay the debt in full before the first visit of HCEO to your property in Widnes, you should do this and this will save you from extra costs.

You can also insist for an instalment plan if you are unable to pay-off your debts in full.

You should send your terms of payment in writing to the HCEO and straight to the creditor in Widnes.

Include a print of your financial plan.

In addition, start paying as per the instalment plan that you offered, even if the HCEO in Hale Bank, Widnes, or Allerton didn't reply.

You may need to consider increasing the payment offer if they fail to do so, especially if the HCEO has inspected in Widnes and taken control of your products.

What Are The Fees Charged In Widnes In Cheshire By The High Court Enforcement Officers (hceos)?

HCEOs have a higher scale of fees but all enforcement agents in Widnes add charges to your initial debt.

These fees are set in law in Cheshire.

Take an example, you have a debt of £1000, have failed to pay back and the enforcement officer in Widnes has confiscated your items and the total costs will be at least an extra £1285.

When the 'Notice of enforcement' note is sent in Widnes, a £75 is included.

When HCEO makes the first visit in Widnes, your debt is added with £190 + 7.5% of the debt over £1000.

If you don't make an effort to set up an arrangement plan or you break the plan, £495 can be added.

When the HCEO visits again in Widnes to remove the listed goods, another £525 +7.5% of the debt value of over £1,000 is added.

Costs incurred through storage and auction of your goods are added when goods are removed and sold in Widnes, Allerton, or Hale Bank.

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Is There Any Way That I Can Stop Court Enforcement Agents In Cheshire's Widnes?

If you cannot reach an arrangement to clear the debt in part payments, you can ask the court in Widnes to stop the HCEOs via a 'stay of execution'.

Asking the court for the stay of execution in Widnes is much more difficult rather than continuing to use the County Court enforcement agents who use a CCJ and the court could disapprove.